20+ Very best MEE6 Discord Bot Instructions Record of 2021
20+ Very best MEE6 Discord Bot Instructions Record of 2021

Virtually each day, a new bot is created for carrying out precise capabilities on a Discord server. If you are taking care of lots of Discord servers, utilizing tons of bots can be quite frantic. In such cases, you can use MEE6, a multi-practical bot, and can swap all other bots this kind of as Rhythm, Groovy, and so forth.

MEE6 can drastically have an effect on the administration of Discord servers. It performs capabilities that contain displaying automated messages, actively playing new music, working with troublemaking customers, assigning specific roles to associates, creating useful data, developing polls for distinct matters, etcetera.

Capabilities of MEE6 Bot Instructions contain:

1. Tailor made instructions enable you to control assigned roles to different members, send automatic messages, supply the crucial notification, tell users about ongoing and approaching occasions, and so on.

2. MEE6 bot moderation process will help retain your Discord server secure from dangerous commercials, unsafe links, disturbing articles, swearing, etc. You can established up steps connected to banning, mute, or kick the troublesome members devoid of handbook issues.

3. You can set up challenges for associates to guess the tune and artist’s title to earn details. MEE6 dashboard allows you straight search for your favorite songs without the need of any intricate instructions.

Nonetheless, most persons cannot use the MEE6 bot to its whole potential considering that they are unaware of some of its most beneficial commands. Hence, in this article we are with a checklist of some of the greatest MEE6 commands for all Discord customers.

Most effective MEE6 Instructions Listing for Discord 2021

1. Moderation Commands.

  • !ban @username – Employed to ban an unruly member from your Discord server.
  • !tempban @username length – This command can be utilized to briefly ban a member from your Discord server for a selected time period.
  • !tempmute @username – This command will quickly mute a unique member on your Discord server.
  • !alert @username – This command is utilized to alert buyers. You can also incorporate a rationale to demonstrate why the user is obtaining warned. A sequence of warnings will minimize the position of that consumer if you are utilizing the leveling technique.
  • !infractions @username – This command can be used to know all earlier infractions of any specific member. Specifics these as bans, warnings, mute are displayed.
  • !distinct-all-infractions @username – This command can be utilised to get rid of all infractions of a distinct member.
  • !kick @username – As the name suggests, this command is employed to kick a certain member from your Discord server.

2. Birthday Instructions.

  • !birthday @username – This command is applied to see the birthday of any precise person.
  • !remember-birthday [date] – Therefore, the command can be employed to increase your birthday. The date has to be in YYYY-MM-DD or MM-DD structure.
  • !fail to remember-birthday – This command can eliminate your birthday.
  • !set-user-birthday @username – This command can be utilized to increase the birthday of any certain member.
  • !subsequent-birthday – Shows the birthday of the up coming 10 members on your Discord server.

3. Audio Commands.

  • !engage in [URL] – This command will straight away start out participating in the music from the URL outlined by you.
  • !queue – This command is employed to begin a queue.
  • !increase [URL] – As soon as you have started a queue, this command will insert music to that queue.
  • !vote-skip – This MEE6 command can be used to generate a vote to skip the song.
  • !get started-quiz – Use this command to start a audio-dependent quiz on your channel right away.

4. Concept Commands.

  • !slow-mode – This command allows gradual method with the set time. So, if time is set to 20 seconds, customers will have to wait around for 20 seconds before sending yet another message.
  • !obvious [1-1000] – This command deletes the specified selection of messages from your Discord server.

5. Level Instructions.

  • !give-xp @username – This command provides factors to the stated consumer.
  • !take away-xp @username – This command gets rid of details from the mentioned person.
  • !rps – To participate in Rock Paper Scissors and achieve coins.
  • !degree – This command is employed to get the leaderboard for your server.
  • !richest – This command shows the richest participant on your Discord server.

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If you are applying the MEE6 bot on your Discord server to take care of info, you can use the numerous lesser-identified commands outlined over to unlock its complete probable. If you know of any such valuable MEE6 command for Discord end users, permit us know about it in the remarks portion down below.

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