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What are the IT infrastructure services?

IT infrastructure refers to the complex hardware, software, network resources and services required for the continuation, procedure and supervision of a venture IT situation. It allows an organization to deliver IT infrastructure services companies and services to its employees, partners and/or customers and is habitually internal to an organization and deployed within owned facilities. Now […]

How technology compresses everything: Three unthinkable outcomes that can benefit man

  When man first conquered the moon, NASA was equipped with the most sophisticated computer equipment of its time to launch the first manned missions to space. There were tons of equipment occupying almost an entire office building of wires, circuit boards, and hardware to harness the technology. Decades later, the same amount of technology […]

Velocity–Web Operations

I was really impressed with the Velocity conference, the organization, the content and the participants. The conference was a perfect size, not too big while at the same time not too small. Velocity had two main themes, Web Performance & Optimization and Web Operations. Common topic of discussion were performance, operations, change management, configuration management, […]

The Open Social Web

I have been talking and writing about web 2.0, the open web, social networking, and social computing for a while now and now like to refer to all of this as The Open Social Web. In my version of the Open Social Web, all applications and content are built on open web standards that provide […]

Thoughts on Facebook

In November of 2009, I read The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich which was a story the Founding of Facebook and my impression based on the book was that Facebook’s founder Marc Zuckerberg screwed everyone on his way to building Facebook. I have recently just finished reading  The Facebook Effect by David Kirkpatrick and I have a […]

Virtualization and the path to the Cloud

Have you noticed the shift in hype within computing news away from cloud computing? I have and I think this is great because the hype tends to distort the facts. Also, while the hype is fading, adoption of cloud computing continues to grow and is predicted to grow. Ryan Nichols published a story in Computerworld […]

Google Buzz

Have you tried Google Buzz yet? I have and I like it a lot. It has many of the discussion and “follow” like features of Twitter, however unlike Twitter, you can see both sides of the conversation. Also, after using it for about two weeks there appears to be more technical content, links and discussions […]

The Open Web and Mozilla Drumbeat

I believe in and support the Open Web the Open Internet and the Mozilla Drumbeat Project. In my opinion, Openness leads to innovation and innovation leads to progress and progress is good for us all. For many non-technical folks, there is a subtle confusion between the Web and the Internet, so an easy way to think about the difference is […]

Seven Technology Predictions for 2010

For the last few years I have been trying to identify the trends and directions of the Technology industry so I thought I would try again and make some predictions for 2010. You can read about my 2009 predictions here which were close with a few misses. Four of my predictions from last years are […]

Google’s Meaning of Open

Jonathan Rosenberg, Senior Vice President, Product Management at Google sent a long essay to the Google Product Managers and Engineers in an effort to put some clarity around the meaning of “Open” at Google. The well-written essay called “The Meaning of Open” ended up on the Google blog and is well worth reading. Jonathan outlines […]