CloudCamp Boston – Security and Private Clouds

I spent the second half of my day at Cloud Camp Boston which is a great unconference for those folks looking to learn more about cloud computing. I really like the unconference format which has grown in popularity from many podcamps and barcamps. This conference was moderated by David Nielsen @davenielsen who did a great job keeping the conversations […]

Content Management Systems

I am attending my first Gilbane Content Management Conference in Boston and find it very interesting. It is obvious to me that the content management space is a niche market with many vendors and many organizations using some form of Content Management or Document Management. My initial interest is around the Web Content Systems (WCM) space and I am hoping to […]

Looking for a Social Media Strategy – Are You Frank ?

I would like to share with you a unique little company that helps organizations with strategies to identify and deploy this new “Web 2.0 – Enterprise 2.0 – Social Media” stuff into organizations. The company is called AreYouFrank or Frank for short, and they help organizations sort thru the 2.0 Social Media stuff. They help organizations with business […]

Social Computing, Professional Collaboration, and 2.0 Adoption

The Boston version of the Enterprise 2.0 conference was over 5 weeks ago however there is still a lot of great Social Computing and Professional Collaboration information that is being shared on a weekly basis. I came across a number of first person interviews from the Enterprise 2.0 Conference that I thought was worth sharing. […]

Social Media Not Social Marketing

My opinion and thoughts surrounding Social Media have really changed in the last 2 weeks primarily due to the revolution in Iran and the role that thousands of people played communicating the issues and letting the world know what was really happening in Iran. Up until a month ago, I saw Social Media as a Marketing tool […]

Cloud Computing Automation Needs

I have received a lot of great feedback on my Cloud Computing Examples post and want to share some thoughts on supporting resources in the Cloud. Much like managing physical servers, maintaining resources in the cloud will fall on the shoulders of the System and Application Administrators, and these administrators are always looking for tools and scripts […]

Cloud Computing and SAAS

When I look at the emerging technologies like Cloud Computing and Software as a Service, I question if large businesses and enterprises will invest and adopt these technologies. We know from experience that there could be a gradual adoption on the enterprise side, however the off-network and cloud type services scare most CTO’s and Security Officers, which is […]