Electric Geek Transportation Systems
Electric Geek Transportation Systems

I’ve never believed of myself as a “car or truck individual”. The past new motor vehicle I purchased (and in fact, now that I imagine about it, the 1st new vehicle I at any time purchased) was the quirky 1998 Ford Contour SVT. Considering the fact that then we acquired a VW station wagon in 2011 and a Honda minivan in 2012 for family transportation responsibilities. That is it. Not accurately the stuff The Stig’s goals are created of.

The station wagon produced feeling for a loved ones of 3, but became one thing of a disappointment due to the fact it was bought ahead of — surprise! — we experienced twins. As Mark Twain as soon as reported:

Ample unto the day is one particular toddler. As lengthy as you are in your appropriate mind don’t you at any time pray for twins. Twins volume to a long term riot. And there ain’t any true distinction amongst triplets and an insurrection.

I’m right here to inform you that a station wagon would not fairly minimize it as a permanent riot abatement tool. For that you want a whole sized minivan.

I am with Philip Greenspun. Like black socks and sandals, minivans are in fact … form of amazing? Will not believe all the SUV propaganda. Minivans are flat out exceptional motor vehicle command facilities. Swagger wagons, really.

The A-Workforce drove a van, not a freakin’ SUV. I rest my circumstance.

After 7 decades, the station wagon experienced to go. We at first seemed at hybrids because, perfectly, isn’t that needed in California at this place? But if you know me at all, you know I am a boil the sea kinda male at heart. I figure if you happen to be likely to flirt with partially electric powered vehicles, why not set aside these 50 percent steps and go all the way?

Do you try to remember that rapturous 2014 Oatmeal comedian about the Tesla Design S? Even for a particular person who has essentially zero fascination in vehicles, it did audio definitely great.


It truly is been 5 many years, but from time to time I would see some electrical motor vehicle on the street and I might consider about that Intergalactic SpaceBoat of Gentle and Marvel. Possibly it really is time for our relatives to leap on the electrical motor vehicle craze, much too, and just late adequate that we can stay clear of the bleeding edge and end up just on the … primary edge?

Which is why we’re now the proud homeowners of a totally electric 2019 Kia Niro.


I have by some means absent from remaining a man or woman who fundamentally won’t care about vehicles at all … to being one particular of individuals insufferable electric powered auto persons who will not likely shut up about them. I apologize in progress. If you quickly truly feel an frustrating urge to shut this browser tab, I never blame you.

I was anticipating an additional motor vehicle, like the 3 we bought prior to. What I obtained, in its place, was a transformation:

  • Certainly, sure, electrical autos are clear, but it is really a revelation how clean up almost everything is in an electric powered. You get for granted how filthy and noisy gas based vehicles are in every day operation – the engine noise, the exhaust fumes, the brake dust on the rims, the oily residues and slender black movie that descends on everything, the way you have to clean your hands just about every time you use the gas station pumps. You you should not thoroughly respect how oppressive individuals little dirty aspects ended up until finally they’re absent.

  • Electric powered vehicles are (pretty much) wholly silent. I guess technically in 2019 electrical vehicles need synthetic soundmakers at lower velocity for protection, and this automobile has just one. But The Oatmeal was right. Electric powered automobiles feel like spacecraft since they transfer so effortlessly. There’s just about no hold off from motion to response, in close proximity to immediate acceleration and deceleration … with nearly no seem or vibration at all, like you’re in freakin’ room! It really is so immensely enjoyable!

  • Electric cars are not just electric, they are completely digital to their really core. Gasoline cars always felt like the common 1950s Pixar Cars environment of grease monkeys and machine shop fellas, maybe with a handful of electronic bobbins included below and there as an afterthought. This electric car or truck, on the other hand, is squarely in the put up-Iphone environment of day to day digital devices. It feels extra like a huge smartphone than a auto. I am a programmer, I am a digital male, I adore electronic stuff. And electrical automobiles are portion of my environment, relatively than the other way all-around. It feels excellent.

  • Electric cars and trucks are mechanically considerably less complicated than gasoline cars, which suggests they are inherently extra reputable and cheaper to maintain. An interior combustion engine has hundreds of relocating parts, numerous of which demand normal maintenance, fluids, filters, and tune ups. It also has a advanced transmission to translate the slim power band of a fuel powered motor. None of this is important on an electric powered auto, whose electrical motor is generally a person going component with simple 100% direct push from the motor to the wheels. This newfound simplicity is deeply captivating to a dude who often noticed cars as incredibly difficult (but pcs, not so a great deal).

  • Currently being able to cost at property right away is maybe the most radical transformation of all. Your residence is now a “fuel station”. Our Kia Niro has a assortment of about 250 miles on a complete battery. With any modern day electric powered motor vehicle, furnished you travel a lot less than 200 miles a working day spherical journey (who even drives this significantly?), it really is pretty not likely you may ever will need to “fill the tank” everywhere but at residence. At any time. It really is so weird to assume that in 50 yrs, gas stations may possibly sooner or later be as odd to see in general public as phone booths now are. Our charger is, conveniently adequate, ideal upcoming to the driveway given that that’s where the ability breaker box was. With the level 2 charger set up, it actually looks like a gasoline pump on the aspect of the property, besides this a single “pumps” … electrons.


This electrical auto is these a terrific encounter. It is so considerably better than our fuel powered station wagon that I swear, if there was a absolutely electric powered minivan (there isn’t) I would basically offer our Honda minivan tomorrow and switch over. With out query. And think me, I had no strategies to market that vehicle two months ago. The electric powered car or truck is that substantially better.

I was expecting “still another car”, but what I obtained as a substitute was a new, radical worldview. Driving a auto powered by scarcely managed liquid gas detonations utilized to be typical. But in an environment of far more and more practical electric powered autos this position quo progressively starts to sense … deeply unnatural. Electrical is so a great deal improved of an in general expertise that you get started to wonder: why did we at any time do it that way?

Gas autos appear, for deficiency of a greater term, out of date.


How did this transformation take place, from my point of view, so abruptly? When exactly did electric autos go from “highly-priced, experimental thing for nuts folks” to “By God, I will never invest in a different old fashioned gasoline based vehicle if I can assistance it”?

I was vaguely informed of the early electrical automobiles. I even remember just one coworker circa 2001 who owned a vivid neon inexperienced Honda Perception. I overlooked it all due to the fact, like I explained, I am not a car male. I wanted to do the investigate to have an understanding of the history, and I started out with the generally advisable documentary Who Killed the Electric powered Automobile?

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=-sc-NxP6mmI

This is mainly about the authentic remarkably experimental Standard Motors EV1 from 1996 to 1999. It is really so early the 1st products experienced lead-acid batteries! 😱 You can find a selection of conspiracy theories floated in the movie, but I believe the basic response to the implied question in the title is straight up cost. The battery tech was nowhere in close proximity to ready, and per the Wikipedia short article the believed real price of the car or truck was someplace among $100,000 and $250,000 even though I suspect it was significantly closer to the latter. It is exciting to note how substantially the proprietors (nicely, leasers) cherished their EV1s. Owning long gone via that exact conversion myself, I empathize!

I then watched the sequel, Revenge of the Electric Car. This one particular is vital, mainly because it handles the dawn of the present day electric powered automobile we have currently.

This chronicles the creation of a few really influential early electrical autos — the Nissan Leaf, the Chevy Volt, and of program the Tesla Roadster from 2005 – 2008. The precise moment that Lithium-Ion batteries were in engage in – that is when electric cars commenced to develop into feasible. Each one of these a few electric vehicles was nicely conceived and made it to market in quantity, though not with no substantial problems, each internal and external. None of them were ideal electric powered cars by any implies: the Roadster was $100k, the Leaf experienced minimal variety, and the Volt was however technically a hybrid, albeit only employing the gasoline motor to demand the battery.

Ten decades afterwards, Tesla has the design 3 at $38,000 and we purchased our Kia Niro for about the very same price tag. Following national and state tax incentives and rebates, that places the price at all over $30,000. It is really not as low cost as it desires to be … nonetheless. But it’s obtaining there. And it is previously aggressive with gasoline automobiles in 2019.


It really is however early, but the craze traces are very clear. And I am here to convey to you that appropriate now, right now, I’d invest in any fashionable electric powered vehicle in excess of a gasoline powered automobile.


If you also are intrigued by the idea of owning an electric automobile, you ought to be. It truly is freaking brilliant! Provide your skepticism, as constantly I really suggest the above Matt Ferrell explainer video clip on electrical vehicle myths.

As for me, I have seen the future, and it is unquestionably, inexorably, and unavoidably … electrical. ⚡

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