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How to Grow an Audience on Twitter : Polls, Collaborations, Cross-Promotion

Curious how to grow an audience on Twitter? Check out our sure fire hacks to getting more followers!

Twitter continues to occupy a leading position in the ranking of the most popular Internet resources in 2023. The platform has more than 390 million active users, and this figure continues to grow every day. Today it’s hard to imagine our life without scrolling through the feed on the web, but if you’re not here yet, it’s time to fix it!

The best thing is that you can not just be a reader, but win the attention of the audience and become a real influencer. You don’t need much to form a loyal fanbase: the platform is open to new creators and supports their messages too. Like everywhere else, there is some competition here, but that shouldn’t stop you. Yes, TWT is quite noisy and standing out here is sometimes a real challenge, but the game is worth the candle.

In this article, we’ll tell you where to start and what tools to use to build a loyal audience and improve overall statistics in general. You can handle it, even if you’ve never tried it before. Keep reading to find out how to grow an audience on Twitter!

What Should Be Your First Steps?

Start with the basics: at the first stage, your goal is to make an attractive account and upload several tweets. Do it, set a great main profile photo, come up with a memorable hashtag and write a few words in the description. Be creative, users love the unusual!

Your first messages can be anything, but we recommend making them acquaintance posts, for example, you can tell interesting facts about yourself, or your fascinating hobby. Then, when this is done, don’t waste time and start using the promotion tools.

Grow an Audience on Twitter Using Polls

TWT is different from other resources, here users are focused as much as possible on people’s opinions, their ideas and statements. That’s why polls are considered one of the best tools for creators. Using them, you can attract a new audience, but keep in mind that they must be relevant and correspond to the news agenda. As an example : During the Eurovision Song Contest, users asked opinions about favorites from others through polls, thereby improving engagement and reach.

But your polls won’t become popular just like that, they need an incentive at the initial stage, and you can get it. Сontact a decent advertising company and buy Twitter poll votes to increase visibility and improve statistics. In fact, this is all you need to get started – a large number of votes are guaranteed to make your polls popular. By the way, you can also use this boost to convince people of something and then demonstrate the results of polls.


In 2022, just a couple of months before the arrival of Elon Musk, the developers introduced a new feature for creators – CoTweets. This allowed two users to make tweets together that are simultaneously published on two pages. If you haven’t had time to try this feature, then… unfortunately, you won’t be able to try it anymore. The feature has been disabled, but that doesn’t mean you can’t interact with other authors!

You can always find like-minded people and agree on mutually beneficial support. For example, it can be regular reposts or mentions of each other in niche posts. The strategy is really working and effective, this is a chance to attract new readers. This works even better than direct advertising, users don’t trust annoying ads, they listen to their favorite influencers and their advice. 


Experienced influencers say: “don’t limit yourself to one platform to succeed!”. This is the pure truth – if you’ve a goal to expand your fan base and make the page more popular as a whole, go beyond one platform and be everywhere. Grow an audience on Twitter with free and easy cross-promotion. 

Share your tweets on Insta Stories, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. with two clicks, all you’ve to do is click Share and select the platform on which you want to share. This is an opportunity not only to tell your current subscribers about your new page, but also to doubly increase engagement. Simple actions will lead you to success and help you grow!

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