I would like to share with you a unique little company that helps twitterlogoorganizations with strategies to identify and deploy this new “Web 2.0 – Enterprise 2.0 – Social Media” stuff into organizations. The company is called AreYouFrank or Frank for short, and they help organizations sort thru the 2.0 Social Media stuff. They help organizations with business requirements, project management and with Social deployments, and they do this with a people focus within the new Social Media space.

Many organizations are not ready for the transparency of Web 2.0 but at the same time a lot of organization are ready and they are asking about the tools and strategies needed to introduce these capabilities into their organizations.

In the early years of the dot.com boom we saw more vendors of web solutions than actual consumers of those solutions and now we are seeing the same scenario with the Social Web space, so be careful. But within this crowded space, let me tell you why I think so highly of the Frank group:

I met Jacqueline Prescott who is one of the principles of the areyoufrank group at a number of different conferences in 2008 and then again at the recent Enterprise 2.0 2009. With each meeting I came to better understand their message and strategy which is more than just delivering technology, it is about identifying the business requirements for each project and a methodology that translates business goals into a Social Media strategy.

After challenging Jacqueline on a couple of questions around improved collaboration, she pressed me on what I thought the real value of improved collaboration would be. Nothing I said was good enough, and this went on for over and hour until we got very close to the business process level and she could tie our business processes to business our goals. I could clearly see that this was part of their methodology and this conversation really stuck with me and is what I wanted to share with you today.


What I also found unique about the Frank group is that they will share their methodology in the form of a Business Case Builder with you for free so you could review their methodology and deploy it yourself or you can use it with the help of the Frank group.

Now I am sure that the Frank group could better explain what they do, how they do it and how they could help your organization, so if you are looking for some help with this Social Media stuff, then consider visiting the AreYouFrank site or reaching out to Jacqueline Prescott or one of the other principles at Frank.