Last night listened to the The Social Web Tv – Episode 14, which was about Mashups and API’s. What really stuck in my mind was a comment by John McCrea from Plaxo about the social web. John said ……

    “the web going social and the social web going open”

and I find this to be true and wanted to give some examples to back this up.

Years ago, social networks like facebook, friendster, myspace and linkedin were destinations, where they would restrict your data to their site and they would try and keep you on their site. However, we have really changed from this model to a more open model where you can push and pull data to and from each network. This gives us the benefit of flexibility and allows us to control of our data.

Now there are many ways to add social interaction on your blog or web site. Facebook Connect, Google’s Friend Connect, and Friendfeed are all great examples of how you can share and integrate your data on the web. These sites are no longer just destinations but are becoming the fabric of the web along with many others that are adopting this open model.